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These guys are really some of the best  in the industry. Great price, great services! Simply blown away by the level of customer service which is unparalleled in this industry.


Mehdi I.

It was a great experience. I would recommend them.


Lory M.

From start to finish, a good experience with this crew. They were prompt, friendly and finished the job a couple hours ahead of schedule.  I am thrilled with Bay View and would not hesitate to use them again.


Jay S.

I was impressed with their expertise and customer service. Hiring them brought us peace of mind that our asbestos problem was handled professionally and the job was was done thoroughly. When it comes to asbestos removal, it is important to hire the best and these guys are, indeed the best. My aunt had another company do the same at her house a few years ago and there is no comparison. These are the best! If you have an asbestos problem, contact them first. You will understand why and you won't be disappointed.


Chris W.